Fills Liquid Products with viscosity from water to oil.
Video with 8-fill nozzles running a foaming liquid.

  • When all the containers are in place, the nozzles drop and the containers open the nozzles which start filling to a predetermined volume. Once the desired volume itís in the container the liquid starts to overflow to the reserve tank until the nozzles are lifted from the containers
  • The machine can hold up to 20 nozzles.
  • Standard equipment doesnít require change parts to work with a wide range of products, from vials to gallons. Simple turning of knobs or screws adjust, complete filling volume, container height, machine height, nozzle travel, etc.
  • Digital counter keeps track of total production, lot production and speed.
  • One piece stainless steel 304 welded frame under rotary casters. C frame design allows installations on different working conveyors
  • Fiber optic sensors in the machine indicate when the containers are in place and ready to fill.
  • All logic functions are controlled by a PLC. In the panel you can control each machine function independently: Start, Emergency Stop, Conveyor speed, nozzle quantities and bottle counter.