• Reliable and simple to use Our auto cappers are very easy to install, don’t require highly trained operators and are fully warranted for 1 year.
  • Filling System Containers held in place by lateral belts pick up the caps that are screwed in place by rotary tangent discs.
  • Cap Feeder – Orientor We have different feeders, rotary high speed, rotary standard and inclined conveyors. We can also install other manufacturers cap sorters into our machines. We offer speeds of up to 400 caps per minute, and sizes up to 110 mm.
  • Versatility Standard equipment doesn’t require changing parts to work with a wide range of products, from vials to gallons. Simple turning of knobs adjusts cap delivery, cap size, cap height, torque, machine height, belt separation, etc.
  • Cap Hopper We offer vibratory and inclined hoppers; these are normally activated by a cap level sensor installed in the cap feeder.
  • Caps Under Demand (optional) A fiber optic sensor activates or shuts down the cap feeder according to the demand of caps under operation.
  • Bottle Gripper Belts Standard equipment comes with one set of belts; we also offer multiple belts (2 or 3 on each side). Material, size and separation of the belts are custom designed for each customer.
  • Electric Panel In this panel you can control each machine function independently: Capping discs speed, gripper belt speed, cap sorter speed and cap hopper vibration or speed.
  • Torque Adjustment (optional) Individual adjustable clutch can be installed on each capping disc. This will improve torque control, disc life and will minimize cap marking.